Development of a Method to Design an
Enterprise Data Architecture


Redundant, inconsistent, and incomplete provisioning of data affects the performance of business processes, and therefore business success. At the same time, continuously changing enterprise internal and external conditions demand for flexible provisioning of data. Examples for such conditions are: mergers and acquisitions, technological progress, or requirements from market regulators, customers, and business partners. By providing transparent data models and data conforming to business demands, enterprise data architecture supports enterprises to enable unambiguous usage and provision of data within the enterprise.

The thesis develops a method for the design of enterprise data architecture in large enterprises. Thereby, it provides guidelines for data architects and enterprise data managers. First, the thesis describes patterns for enterprise data architecture. Following this, a procedure model is developed to design enterprise data architecture for specific data object types in the context of the enterprise and supports implementation planning starting from the current situation. The method incorporates business requirements on the design of the enterprise data architecture and technical requirements on its implementation. Case studies support the development of the method and demonstrate its applicability and utilization in practice.

The complete document is available in german language here: Doctoral Thesis Verena Ebner: Entwicklung einer Methode zum Entwurf einer Unternehmensdatenarchitektur.